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Kimmy The Sparks

Electrician and DEA




A passionate businesswoman with 9 years in the trades and counting. Qualified as an Electrician and Domestic Energy Assessor. 

Experienced in EPCs, fault finding, testing, re-wiring, HMO requirements, floor plans, fire safety, emergency lighting, smoke alarms. 

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"Kim always accommodated requests for our urgent last minute EPCs and Certificates. Thank you"

Uptown Properties

"She was very understanding and patient with our vulnerable tenants. Would definately recommend you!"

Naz Uddin

"You came highly recommended for your swift turnaround times, great help when we needed a certificate urgently"

Ms H.

"We had Kim find the fault within 10 minutes after 2 emergency electricians couldn't rectify it and got our power back on"

Sarah & Jason

EPC & Floor Plans

Energy Performance Certificate

and Floor Plans for HMO or Marketing. 

Electrical Safety

Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICR), Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)

Emergency OOH

Out Of Hours or Emergency response for urgent electrical repairs or making safe.

A Bit About Me

Hi! My name is Kim,

My background included studying psychology, sociology, philosophy and law. With this background, I built a strong foundation of understanding people, customer service and business. I often watched scientific documentaries about atmospheric electricity. The voltage all around us and in the clouds is mind blowing!!! I watched documentaries about the human brain and nervous system, how electrical impulse therapy was helpful to stimulate neurons and electrical pathways in the body. I enjoyed researching the metaphysical aspect of electricity.

Eventually, my life took a turn towards experiencing electricity in the home. I decided to enroll into college to study electrical science, electrical engineering and the latest electrical regulations in Britain.

I absolutely fell in love with the practical aspect of electricity!

Here I am now, many years later, a QUALIFIED and EXPERIENCED electrician. 

I also fill a gap in the industry for FEMALE electricians. This has been a huge benefit working with communities where women are preferred to work in homes with female tenants and female landlords; care homes - working late nights helping elderly women who felt safer with a WOMAN electrician.  I have also worked on Mother and Baby units on a regular contract with councils and housing associations.

This advantage has led to many opportunities, working with big BRANDS and outreaching to schools and colleges and informing the younger generation that WOMEN can have very successful careers in the MALE dominated construction industry.

Electrics has been a great passion of mine, this work has allowed me to invest in charity work. It has provided a outlet to help apprentices and learner students and do collaborations with established electricians such as Nick Bundy and Artisan Electrics! We have also collaborated with jewelry brands donating scrap copper and other materials that normally would be wasted, helping the earth. 

Thank you so much for listening to my story. I express gratitude and appreciation.

Love and Light. x

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